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By running this store, I intend to help you prepare for emergencies quickly and easily.  I became interested in emergency preparedness after volunteering for the Emergency Services Department of my local American Red Cross chapter. As part of their Speaker's Bureau, I traveled around to community groups large and small to talk about emergency preparedness. As I pulled out item after item in their recommended emergency survival kits and handed out multi-page manuals, I thought that there had to be an easier way.

And thus, the start of Ready Set Go Kits.  It's a business I launched in July 2009 that offers ready-made emergency survival kits and assorted disaster supplies.  It's designed to make not only getting your emergency survival kits ready quickly, but also to give easy solutions for making family emergency plans.

As I built my store, I realized I needed a better way to connect to my clients and viewers.  
Ready Set Go Kits Blog was born to do just that.  It's the perfect vehicle to share tips, news and in-depth information about emergency preparedness and to offer a forum for clients like you.

Your Next Steps:
Ready to begin preparing your family?  It's an easy three-step process.  Head over to Step 1: Get an Emergency Kit to read about what emergency survival kits you need for your family to get started. 
Will you sign up for my free emergency preparedness tips?  I'll deliver free and easy emergency preparedness tips and news to your inbox on a regular basis.  And when you find tips that you like, please share them with your friends, family and coworkers.  Only when we make emergency preparedness a part of everyday conversation can we instigate real change.

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